de Golyer Horse Training is a facility that has over 20 years of experience in training horses of all different sizes, shapes and breeds and minds. We guarantee results that you will be happy with at the end of your training. We stand behind our NAME 150%, every horse that leaves our place has our name on it, it may be a training horse or a sale horse it is very important to us that everyone understands that we do not board horses here we train them. ALL training horses are worked 5 days a week with two days off to rest. We are very dedicated in creating a Reliable dependable riding horse for you with guaranteed results ~ we are here to help create a well rounded horse with great work ethic, a solid foundation and the mindset of leaving a lasting impression that will help them be willing to go in any direction you are wanting. We are interested in your concerns with your horses that way we are able to assure that your horses training program fits his age, size, breed and discipline, we will be sure to create the appropriate work out for your critter. We also would like it if during your horses experience at our facility that you come out and are their to interact with us and watch your horse be worked and if you have any questions or concerns that you express them and also even when your training is complete please know that we are still available whenever you are frustrated, confused or maybe starting to go backwards we are here to take your phone calls and emails. If you are unable to make it out while your horse is here we can provide videos, videos are a courtesy NOT to be expected as we are very busy in every day life.  Cody and Kristina de Golyer


 "You can't teach a first grader

12th grade school work"

all horses are taught at their own learning level




Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

For those of you who work Monday thru Friday arrangements can be made for the showing of your horse on Saturday or Sunday please just call ahead of time so we can schedule a specific time and day. Please do not show up at our home/facility without a phone call and or an appointment. 

Thank You, The de Golyers